Warehousing Services


We provide warehousing services for Logistic in China and in India . In china to store goods for container loading and stuffing . Amongst the wide-ranging array of services, we are here to give you the finest service of warehousing services for logistic in India also. with a multitude of storage options suited to the needs of our customers.

One of the key points of a supply chain is warehousing – choosing the right location and the best infrastructures according to the needs of your business improves operations as well as lead times. In order to meet the seasonal demand, our facilities are multi-users which allows a great flexibility. There is also the possibility of choosing customized and unique warehouses specially made for your company using appropriate equipment and technologies.


To enable you to increase your performance, C2i now offers a complete range of warehousing and delivery services regardless of your sector of activity. We will meet your expectations with delivery solutions and logistics operations within the country.


No matter what kind of services you need, C2i has a solution for you, offering a full range of services to answer all your needs throughout China:

  • E-commerce: making orders
  • Print and label
  • Sort and pack