Air Freight Door To Door


C2i has been operating in China and India for many years. This experience enables the company to provide Air door to door service (include clearance +duty) from China to India quickly, smoothly and efficiently.

What is the Air door to door service (include clearance +duty)?

Door to door service is an end-to-end logistics service that allows you to transport goods from warehouse/factory/home to an agreed final destination. Moreover, C2i is responsible for China’s customs declaration and export, India’s import customs clearance and payment of customs duties.

Shipping or air?

The door to door service will consider shipping costs in the shipping options provided. Buyers can choose to ship by air or by sea, depending on demand and expectations.

The choice of freight is affected by two main factors:

  • Volume/weight of the cargo
  • The urgency of the situation

The main difference between sea and air transport is transportation time. In fact, air transportation on the China-India route takes only about 10 days, and this transit time takes at least a month to pass the sea.

As part of these services, you can choose the pick-up and delivery location. Based on your requirements and recommendations, the staff responsible for your goods will take care of your goods from start to finish:

  • You can choose the pick-up location: the supplier’s factory, warehouse, port or international airport
  • You choose the final delivery location: your warehouse, your customers, your house…

These services are equipped with all the complex management procedures (customs clearance, etc.), allowing you to deliver goods with complete peace of mind.

C2i handles everything for you!